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TFF-65 – Should You Start a Computer Business

We celebrate the seventh anniversary of The Force Field Podcast by asking a very important question that is often never considered by techs who want to start their own computer business. We also evaluate the results of a recent poll about Windows 8 and read some comments from listeners of the show during the last seven years.

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Intro to Topic 2:17
We talk with Matthew Rodela, an IT consultant, owner of Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy and host of The Computer Business Podcast. We discuss a rarely asked, but very important question he posed to his audience in the second episode of his show.

Interview with Matthew Rodela 3:55

To commemorate the 7th anniversary of The Force Field, this episode is Commercial Free!

Windows 8 Poll 34:21

Feedback 35:52
Comments and feedback from listeners

Wrap up and Close 40:11

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