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News, reviews, and other things about gaming, pop culture, and movies.

Chill with hosts Tommy and Nick as they discuss the news, reviews, and other things about the gaming, pop culture, and movie industries. They are avid fans of Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, Disney Movies, Comic Books, and (most importantly) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Features a rotating cast of guests. New episodes every Monday.

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The Mandalorian Analysis (ft. William Coldwell) – CC056

It’s time to examine the first live-action Star Wars show: The Mandalorian Season 1! In this episode we will dig deep into its themes, characters, and what makes it just so darn enjoyable. Nick wasn’t able to make it this time so I am once again joined…

CC055 – Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Review

It’s been a long road to the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie but it’s finally hit theaters. In this episode we’re going into detail about the characters, dialogue, effects – you name it. A big SPOILER warning on this one.

CC054 – Smash Ultimate has a Byleth

A few weeks ago we recorded our review of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s latest DLC fighter. Byleth released to some mixed reception, and we discuss our opinions on the character’s unique mechanics. Plus we give a mention to the announced Animal Crossing…

CC053 – How is Overwatch on Nintendo Switch?

We’ve been playing a TON of Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch. In this week’s episode we’re discussing the overall quality of the port and how it works alongside the Switch’s OS. Thanks for listening! Last week Cube Command’s Tommy Savoia was interviewe…

CC052 – Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX and More

This episode was originally recorded the week Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX was announced. We had to postpone release for the episode due to the clutter of our personal schedules. But worry no more – Cube Command is back in 2020 and we’re rev…

CC051 – 2020 Games We’re Most Excited For

The year will be over in less than a day – but before we move on, we have one last episode for 2019. This week both of us will each be explaining the game we are most excited to play in 2020! Blubrry is one of the top media hosting sites out there.

CC050 – Is Disney+ Worth It?

The podcast has reached 50 episodes! We’re so grateful for everyone who has tuned in to hear our goofy selves talk nonstop about pop culture news! In this milestone episode we’re reviewing Disney+ (Disney’s new streaming app).

CC049 – Experiencing the PlayStation VR

Last month we got our grubby mitts on a PlayStation VR and tried a bunch of games for it. How is Sony’s virtual reality machine? Well, we weigh in on how the games and hardware itself feel on this week’s Cube Command Podcast.

CC048 – Upcoming 2020 Animated Movies

There have been some spectacular animated movies this year (that we reviewed *wink wink*) but the stage is set for 2020 to make just as big of a splash! In this week’s episode we will be looking over the trailers for three of the most highly anticipate…

CC047 – The Sonic Movie Makes a Speedy Recovery

The redesign for Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog movie has made its rounds and is causing quite the positive stir! In this episode we’re analyzing the scenes in the Sonic Trailer and discussing why his new design is so good.