Cube Command Podcast

Hosted ByTommy Savoia and Nick Hernandez

News, reviews, and other things about gaming, pop culture, and movies.

Chill with hosts Tommy and Nick as they discuss the news, reviews, and other things about the gaming, pop culture, and movie industries. They are avid fans of Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, Disney Movies, Comic Books, and (most importantly) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Features a rotating cast of guests. New episodes every Monday.

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CC006 – Atari is Back

Episode 6 of the Cube Command Podcast focuses on the recent Atari announcement. If you have any comments or questions about the show, or if you have a topic suggestion (please!), e-mail me at!

CC005 – E3 2017 Recap Part 3: Nintendo and SEGA

Episode 5 of the Cube Command Podcast kicks off with a discussion of Nintendo’s E3 2017 Direct. Near the end, I also give some info that was revealed by SEGA. This will finish my E3 2017 Three Part Recap. There will be a new topic for the next episode….

CC004 – E3 2017 Recap Part 2: A New Xbox

In Episode 4 of the Cube Command Podcast, I will continue my E3 2017 Recap by discussing Microsoft’s conference, namely the announcement of the Xbox One X as well as other news regarding Xbox consoles. The “X” is a huge announcement,

CC003 – E3 2017 Recap Part 1: Third Parties and Sony

In Episode 3 of the Cube Command Podcast, I will kick off my E3 2017 Recap by discussing the Third Party conferences, although looking back, I didn’t discuss much on Sony’s behalf, namely since The conference didn’t interest me as much as the other one…

CC002 – SNES Classic Edition

After a long wait, The Cube Command Podcast is back with Episode 2! Constant episodes will be released from now on. In this episode, I will be looking at the details surrounding the recently announced SNES Classic Edition,

CC001 – Nintendo Switching Gears

Behold, the first episode of the Cube Command Podcast! The Cube Command Podcast will consist of me, Tommy Savoia, covering one gaming industry and community topic per episode. In the future, I may have guests on the show providing their opinion on the …