The Tia and Tommy Show

Hosted ByTommy Savoia and Tia Savoia

A podcast for the whole family.

In Tommy Savoia and Tia Savoia’s first podcast they would talk about anything that interested them – from daily activities around the house, animal facts, and a word of the day.

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TTS04 – Mouse in the House

Tia and Tommy talk about how they discovered there were mice in their house and how they got rid of them, introduce some free fun games you can play at their web site, Tia introduces the word cartilage and provides facts about mice,

TTS03 – Panda Please

Tia and Tommy talk about their trip to Lazy 5 Ranch, Tommy changes the topic of the show to Pandas, Tia introduces the word guffaw, Tommy reviews the book Double Fudge, Tia provides facts about pandas, Tommy tells two jokes and Tia makes up a story abo…

TTS02 – Funny Bunny

Tia and Tommy talk about their pet rabbits, Tia introduces the word crepuscular, Tia talks about rabbits, Tommy tells a joke and reviews the book Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook, Tia reviews the book Dumb Bunnies Collection,