Drink With Rick

Hosted ByRick Savoia

Join Rick every week as he tastes and learns about a new wine!

Rick is not a sommelier. He doesn’t play one on TV. He just likes to drink wine. He doesn’t know everything about it, and he doesn’t pretend to be an expert. He’s not. But he knows what he likes, and what he doesn’t. And that’s good enough for him.

If it tastes good to him, He will drink it, and if he likes it, he’ll recommend it. If he doesn’t, he won’t, and he won’t drink much, either. He’ll just chuck it down the sink. And that’s what counts.

Because that’s the way most people in the real world drink wine. They aren’t hung up on all the nuances of a fermented beverage. They don’t want to waste time with all the pretentious pomposity associated with wine snobbery. They just want to enjoy it and the fellowship of family, friends and acquaintances who share their interest in this nectar. After all, at the end of the day, isn’t that really what wine is all about?

Rick prefers dry and semi-dry red wines, although he will occasionally drink white, if it is at least moderately dry and not too tangy. He does not like sweet wines, but will occasionally drink a dessert wine in small amounts if it isn’t overly syrupy or sickeningly sweet.

Among the reds, he prefers a good Merlot, Cabernet, Bordeaux, Valpolicella, Zinfandel, Chianti, Malbec or Tempranillo, and some red blends if the combination is right. So, if you want to send him a nice bottle of wine to taste and review (hint hint, nudge nudge), send him one of those.

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DWR-215 – French Bordeaux with a Margarita and Moonshine

We open a Bordeaux from France! We also toast national days. Plus, we make a margarita in honor of Jimmy Buffet and open moonshine.

DWR-214 – Italian Chianti and Happy Dad Seltzer with Dogs

We open a Chianti Classico from Italy! We also toast National Dog Day. Plus, Happy Dad Hard Seltzer review and possibly a book giveaway in the chat.

DWR-212 – Malbec from Mendoza and vinyl records

We open a Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina! We also toast national days. Plus, the resurgence of vinyl records and possibly even a book giveaway.

DWR-211 – Pontificis GSM and Rewind lager and the Confession

Tonight we open a Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre from France! We also toast National Days. Plus, a review of Rewind lager, an introduction of my new book and the premiere of The Confession, a Super 8 film never before seen on the Internet.

DWR-210 – Roseta Rose from Portugal and the birth of podcasting

Tonight we open a Rose’ from Portugal! We also toast National Days. Plus, the 20th anniversary of podcasting, dad jokes and the usual off-the-cuff cameraderie.

DWR-209 – French Bordeaux, UFOs and sci-fi trivia

I open, taste, and review a Bordeaux from France! We also toast National Days. Plus, a wedding toast, Another UFO Day, sci-fi trivia and the usual off-the-cuff entertainment.

DWR-208 – Medina Gap Cabernet and Copper Altbier and dad jokes

I open, taste, and review a Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles! We also review a beer from a local brewery. Plus, National Days, dad jokes and the usual discourse.

DWR-207 – Red wine from Portugal and root beer with rum

I open, taste, and review a Vinha da Fonte red blend from Portugal! I also make a cocktail made with root beer, rum and Bailey’s Irish Cream. We also toast national days. Plus, National Root Beer Day, dad jokes and a giveaway.

DWR-206 – French wine, black cow and instant coffee

I open, taste, and review a La Ferme Julien Rosé from France for National Rosé Day! I also try an instant coffee with cream and sugar already in it. Is it good or gross? We’ll find out.