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Episode 62 – The National Contractor and Service Platform Report

We will find out what IT field service technicians really think of national contractors and web-based service platforms and how they rate specific companies from best to worst.

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Intel announced the introduction of two new Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor families November 12. is offering a FREE Guide called HackerProof: Your Guide to PC Security. This 53 page guide provides an objective, detailed, but easily understood walk through of PC security. The guide is free to qualified professionals.

Acer America debuted the $199 C7 Chromebook November 12.

Kyle Weins of ifixit launched a campaign called Operation: Fix Toshiba. His goal is to write repair manuals to replace the manuals Toshiba took down from Tim’s Laptop Service Manuals. He is asking for help from the tech community.

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In the late summer of 2012, The Force Field conducted a survey of IT service providers and asked them to rate the national contractors and service platforms. The results were published in a 20 page report released in tandem with this episode of The Force Field. Today we’ll analyze the results of The National Contractor and Service Platform Survey Report and discover just where the contractor-platform-provider relationship stands. We’ll learn about the techs who perform contract work for these companies, discover which nationals and platforms rank best and worst in the industry, and find out what techs really think of them, in their own words. Download The Force Field 2012 National Contractor and Service Platform Survey Report.

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